We connect people to brands through crafted content

We’re the leading content marketing agency in SA not because we say so, but because our clients and their customers do. We specialise in understanding audiences and therefore believe editorial excellence will transcend the hype, the industry shifts and the channel frenzy.

The essence of New Media

We love what we do.
It’s not a ‘job’,
it’s wired into
our DNA.

We think a lot.
About brands, trends, consumers, and doing things differently. 

We ask ‘why’ and
‘what if’, before ‘how’.

create the magic,
add the soul,
and inspire us.

We do more than just 
‘create content’. We add value by educating and empowering people, driving sales, changing behaviour, and fostering communities.

Our values

Communication, Curiosity, Courage, Judgement, Honesty, Innovation
and Passion.

Hot stuff

What we’re up to, talking about, or intrigued by.


‘The issue is not getting your word out. The issue is getting people to care.
The answer is not to get your word out more. It’s to change what you’re talking about. 
- Seth Godin

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